Slava-Jazz Yaroslava Dautry-Shevlyuga I was born in 1975 in Budapest. From 1983 to 1991 I studied classical piano at the National Centre of the Arts in Tchita in Transbaïkalia, Russia, subsequently in Altaï, Siberia, in Ulan-Bator, Mongolia, and in Kabul, Afghanistan. Later I sang in the Choir at the National Centre of the Arts in Vladivoctok, Russia.
On returning to the Ukraine in 1991 I enrolled at the Academy of the Arts Glinka in Dnepropetrovsk where I obtained a Diploma in Musical Theory and Piano under the tutorship of Mickael Tsygutkin in 1995.
Following this, I took some private lessons in classical singing with Maïa Feizulaeva and her daughter Naïla Feizulaeva (Soloist Soprano coloratura of the Bakou Opera House,Azerbaïdjan).
I was determined to enter the Kiev Opera House. During my classical studies, I needed to earn money and consequently performed in many concerts: Moscow TV, St-Petersbourg, Aberdeen BBC TV, Leipzig, Stockholm, including several tours in France as Soloist with the Jazz-Vocal Group “ Gamma Jazz ” (“ Eastern Singers ”) and some classical recitals.
I remember that until 1991 it was practically impossible to access “ free ” music such as jazz and rock .

Subsequently I studied at the National Academy Tchaikovski of Kiev, Ukraine, under the tutorship of Evgueny Miroshnichenko (Soloist Soprano coloratura of the Kiev Opera House) until 1998.
Since completing my studies I became Artistic Director and soloist of European Jazz Vocal Ensemble - Eurovocal and (it goes without saying!!!) had continued my career as a classical soloist.
The form of “ Jazz Vocal ” as represented in the sound of Eurovocal related to the groups Double Six and Swingle Singers, although not entirely the same Jazz “ Vocal ”.
When I first discovered the great voices of jazz and particularly that of Sarah Vaughan, I was so deeply impressed and affected by the depth and “ timbre ” of her voice that I found it hard to believe that a woman could sing in such a way. My history as a classical soprano coloratura singer had discouraged me from entering the world of jazz but I told myself that anything worth having was worth fighting for (ничего) and thus was inspired to launch my career in Jazz with a CD entitled “ Am I a stranger to Jazz ? ”.
I subsequently heard Eva Cassidy and my fate was sealed !!

It is therefore only very recently that I have decided to write jazz songs which take their inspiration from my life, from my “ Slave ” Universe. The subjects of my songs are diverse coming from the nature: the mountains or the seas such as those wild regions of Siberia where the temperature can touch -40 degrees or the sight of the Black Sea; the songs “ Steppes Horses ” and “ Polar Star ” recall the beautiful countryside of Russia.
My songs are really various : “ Lady Smile ” is a tribute to Ella, “ Mishka's Mood ” was written as I reflected on the three Michel (s) who have helped to form my life as a musician.
In 2008, Blandine HARMELIN, Artistic Director of the Enghien Jazz Festival offered me my first major opportunity on the Jazz scene when she suggested that I take the role of "support artist" for Al JARREAU.
Slava-Jazz Yaroslava Dautry-Shevlyuga